Ensuring remote working does not result in virtual levels of service

Ensuring remote working does not result in virtual levels of service

Unprecedented is a word that is all too often used. However, when you consider the current challenges facing the economy, the industry and our clients, it is one of the few cases where the word can be accurately applied.

As with the rest of the market, the speed and the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) culminating with the implementation of social distancing measures for the entire UK population provided a huge challenge.

However, once again the benefit of a robust business continuity plan and partners which are willing to go that extra yard, has enabled Fiducia to switch from office to home based working seamlessly within 24 hours.

Our IT support provider Everon, had our systems transferred within a day and our claims team and capacity providers were   similarly quick to aid the move of our operations without impacting our ability to deliver to our broker partners and their clients.

We can only thank them for the speed with which they have enabled us to maintain our ability to operate at the levels we have been able to deliver when working from our offices within the UK.

It is anything but business as usual for so many companies. At Fiducia we have been able to ensure that we have not only been able to maintain our daily operations but we continue to work hard to support our broker partners in their efforts to meet the needs of their clients and our policyholders.

Sadly, as it has become increasingly clear, it has not been the case for the wider underwriting community.

Since the new social distancing rules were    enforced we have seen a significant rise in the numbers of brokers who have been in contact with us to see if there are ways in which we can meet their clients’ needs at a time when other markets have been forced to focus their efforts of creating their new operational procedures.

Those efforts come against a backdrop of a   significant rise in claims which need to be addressed and the rise in demand for support and guidance from intermediaries and policyholders who face a once in a generation challenge.

In terms of policyholders the industry’s clients are faced with forced operational changes coupled with vastly different levels of client demand. As such they are seeking the support of their insurance providers to mitigate and   navigate a completely new risk environment.

Change will always come with challenges but for those firms which can adapt quickly it will also create opportunities. We have been able to react and retain our ability to respond. As such we are keen to continue to engage with brokers to    provide policies to their clients across the wide range of classes in which we are backed by financially strong and innovative capacity. Be it marine, combined liability, engineering, marine trades, or terrorism our underwriters are ready and more importantly able to respond.

We all remain in the midst of the most testing of times. However, if there is anything we can do to work with you to meet the needs of your clients or solve the challenges you as a business are facing we are ready and willing and able to do so.

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