Important information for those Clients within the Transportation Industry

Important information for those Clients within the Transportation Industry

In view of the current situation surrounding COVID-19/Coronavirus the transportation industry may be experiencing issues in obtaining Proof of Delivery (POD), as receiving customers may be opposed to signing documents due to fear of contracting and/or spreading the virus

In conjunction with our claim’s administrators, WK Webster/ITAL, we are recommending to our Policyholders that in the absence of a POD signature one of the following alternative actions are taken to confirm the delivery

  • The use of e-signatures
  • The use of a self-inking stamp pad
  • The driver to write on the POD for example “delivered but at point of delivery customer refused to sign due to Covid-19/Coronavirus fears
  • The use of photographs taken at collection of the goods and delivery to customer

If there is no POD signature it could allow consignees to claim against carriers for loss/damage they are not responsible for. We believe that there may be some leeway given that this is an unprecedented situation however we feel that our Policyholder/Your clients should try to protect themselves against these claims as best they can.

Our individual email addresses will remain to be the main point of contact for all our brokers as well as our Leeds office land line number, together with mobile numbers, which are both detailed below and we remain at your disposal to deal with any queries regarding your Policy, Renewals and New Business enquiries.

Contact information:-


Darren Pass 07834154545

Peter Milner 07850058063

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Marine Cargo and Freight

Angela McCluskie 07590840098

David Heeney 07590840416

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Jim Moore 07510594151

Mark Kraushar

Marine Trades

Marc Watts 07772321209

Bob Watts 07939229625




David Heeney 07590840416

Lance Carter

Fine Art and Specie

James Bavin 07715547502

Marketing – TOBA Facilitation

Chris Hutchinson


C.O.O. – Patricia Dickinson 07808330650

C.E.O. – Gerry Sheehy 07541240023